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The Artisan Grains brand was developed in 2012 by enthusiastic foodie Sam Jacobi, who was frustrated at the limited range of grains on the market and the lack of information available on the packaging – he wanted to be inspired at the point of purchase with recipe ideas and serving suggestions without having to resort to Google!

Applying his 20 years experience in the health food trade, Sam set about developing a core range of grains and ‘good-for-you’ ingredients to offer consumers variety and convenience – from novel Multi-Grain Couscous and Greenwheat Freekeh to Chia Seeds and Quinoa blends.

The packaging was then carefully designed to be impactful, informative and inspiring with recipe suggestions and nutritional facts. Pack sizes were also rationalised.

“We all have half used/part ripped bags of pulses or grains cluttering up our cupboards, never to be used again, and this is something we wanted to avoid at Artisan Grains,” Sam explains.”


As for the popularity of the range, Sam also attributes this to timing – “We were delighted at the response across the Wholefood customer base. The timing was perfect since Ancient Grains were just beginning to be talked about in the media and by celebrity chefs, so there was natural interest in our products, and this has continued as we’ve developed the range further”.


If you’d like to learn more about Artisan Grains, or if you have any questions, get in touch via our Contact Page!